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Cool Facts

For interesting facts I've discovered during my research (CSI, Jack the Ripper, historical, biblical, supernatural, etc.), inside stories, and updates click here or on the image. I will be constantly updating and adding new facts, so if you're a Facebook member, 'like' it.


Some highlights:

1) In 2009, I posted a video on YouTube of my visit to Jack the Ripper suspect Francis Tumblety's gravesite, which is just over an hour away from my home. It just exceeded 11,000 views! Check out Prime Suspect of Jack the Ripper

2) This year, I joined Elemental Paranormal headed by psychic Heather Rease. I became interested in this when I, the skeptic, had an experience in 2006 (Wrote about it in Searching for Truth with a Broken Flashlight). Note the following two pics, which were taken one second apart. Heather is sitting at a table to the right (a lady in a white jacket is just behind her) and Daryle is sitting to the left. On the table are rempods that are blasting blue light (significant temperature drop). I am not in the pic but off to the left. My K2 meter lit up, followed by the rempods going off, and then this ghostly image came from the right and hovered over the table! Here are the pics:

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