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On October 8, 2017, I flew into Dublin, Ireland, and filmed for an episode on The Legend Hunter on the Travel Channel. The episode is on Jack the Ripper and the stunning discoveries involving suspect Francis Tumblety. The host is Pat Spain, a biologist, and we spend three full hours filming.



My lecture at the Jack the Ripper Conference in Liverpool, England, September 23, 2017, went amazingly well. Pics and details are on the Jack the Ripper page.


Sunbury Press has approved of my 6th book, Jack the Ripper Suspect Dr. Tumblety (nonfiction) to be published in September 2017 just in time for my Liverpool, England, lecture.


On March19, 2017, I will be doing a book signing/lecture at Mechanicsburg Mystery Bookshop on my nonfiction, The Ripper's Haunts, and my fiction, The Ripper's Hellbroth.


On the weekend of March 25, 2017, I will be flying into St. Louis to shoot a documentary on Jack the Ripper suspect Francis Tumblety. We will be shoot for a short documentary and a full documentary.


On the weekend of September 23, 2017, I will be giving a lecture in Liverpool, England, on Jack the Ripper suspect Francis Tumblety.


Ripperologist Richard Jones runs one of the top Jack the Ripper Websites, Jack the Ripper Tour, and has honored me by publishing an article of mine: 
                                        The Life and Crimes of Francis Tumblety


Venture Galleries
did a great write-up on The Ripper's Haunts: 
                           Authors Showcase: The Ripper's Haunts by Michael Hawley


I wrote and article for Historic Mysteries :
                                 Dr. Francis Tumblety - Amongst the Best Suspects


In April 2016, I was honored to speak in Baltimore at the Jack the Ripper Conference (RipperCon) on my research.


The following is the first 17 minutes of my Rippercon lecture: 

Jonathan Menges on Casebook.org has created a podcast of my entire lecture (along with the PowerPoint slides): 


I was honored to be interviewed on a local TV series titled 'Inside the Classroom' airing on 22 stations around New York State. Their TV cameraman came into my classroom and taped a lesson on astronomy. Although a dedicated 30-minute episode is scheduled in late fall/early winter 2015, I am one of three teachers showcased on the pilot episode scheduled for September 7, 2015 (in an abbreviated 10-minute interview). The YouTube video of the pilot can be seen below.

'Inside the Classroom' Pilot Episode


The Ripper's Hellbroth and I have just been featured in the Niagara Gazette, the Tonawanda News, and a local Lockport newspaper in the Sunday, October 13, 2013 Lifestyle section.


I did a cut -n- paste in order for you to see the entire article:



   In June 2011, I was honored to be the subject of an article because of my first book, Searching for Truth with a Broken Flashlight:


You can read the article online here.


Also in June 2011, Searching for Truth with a Broken Flashlight was the Book of the Month for the mega-website, Religious Tolerance (dot) org, which can be seen here.

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