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Jack the Ripper

Who was Jack the Ripper?  In the late summer and fall of 1888 in the Whitechapel district of London, a series of gruesome murders occurred.  All of the victims were prostitutes whose bodies were ruthlessly mutilated and in a number of cases had organs removed.  It is still a mystery of who Jack the Ripper really was.  Many people around the world are still very intrigued by this mystery and enjoy researching the case in order to better understand it and possibly even solve it.  The community of Jack the Ripper enthusiasts/researchers/authors are affectionately known as ripperologists. My interest is on Jack the Ripper suspect Francis Tumblety, and the culmination of my research is published in my nonfiction book The Ripper's Haunts and Jack the Ripper Suspect Dr. FrancisTumblety by Sunbury Press.


On October 8, 2017, I was flown into Dublin, Ireland, and filmed for the Travel Channel's Hunting Evidence scheduled for June 2018. The host is Pat Spain. We went into detail on the recent discoveries about Whitechapel murder suspect Francis Tumblety. 



     I have been honored to author the Tumblety chapter in Prime Suspect: The Search for Jack the Ripper published by Secret Chamber Publishing - H Division Crime Club, with a publishing date of September 2018. Below the image are the details.



                                                                                            By H Division Crime Club

     The crimes committed by Jack the Ripper 130 years ago in Whitechapel, London, have baffled the world.  Since that autumn in 1888, historians, researchers and armchair detectives have attempted to unravel the world’s greatest murder mystery, but to no avail..... until now. Prime Suspect: The Search for Jack the Ripper, gathers together a top team of dedicated researchers to look once again at the Whitechapel murders and ask - if this happened today, who would the police consider to be, a person(s) of interest ? Where would they concentrate their efforts and in doing so, would the real Jack the Ripper finally be revealed ? Using original police reports, eye witness testimony and criminal profiling techniques, we bring you the prime suspects as told through the eyes of a modern police investigation. After 130 years, is the secret identity of Jack the Ripper about to be revealed?

     Contributions and New Research from:    

Martin Fido, Dr Katherine Ramsland , Prof David Canter, Michael Hawley, Bob Hinton, Richard Patterson, David Andersen, John JD Chambers, Mick Priestley, Edward Stow, Steven Blomer, Tracy I’anson, Mei Trow, Richard C Cobb

     PRIME SUSPECT: The Search for Jack the Ripper - will be published in September 2018. We will soon be making the book available to pre-order along with 25 Limited Edition, Signed Hardbacks.  



On September 23, 2017, I was honored to speak in Liverpool, England, at the Jack the Ripper Conference: 


I met some outstanding experts in the field: 

This is the expert of experts researching for over 50 years, Stewart Evans.

                      Historian/Author Neil Storey               Researcher/Author Robert Anderson


 On Monday, October 30, I gave a lecture/book signing at the Cro Club in Buffalo, New York, with Jack the Ripper and Sports historian Brian Young. 



The lecture can be heard here on Rippercast.


I participated in a podcast interview with 1001 Heroes, Legends, Histories & Mysteries:



I was interviewed for a radio episode of On Target, hosted by Judge Penny Wolfgang which was on Halloween weekend 2017. Click on the image to hear the podcast of the episode.



In April 2016, I was honored to speak in Baltimore at the Jack the Ripper Conference (RipperCon) on my research.


The following is the first 17 minutes of my Rippercon lecture: Here

Jonathan Menges on Casebook.org has created a podcast of my entire lecture (along with the PowerPoint slides): Here

The following is a Rippercast (podcast) episode dedicated to The Ripper's Haunts.

The following is a video researcher Brian Young and I shot at Francis Tumblety's grave on November 19, 2016.


Ripperologist Richard Jones runs one of the top Jack the Ripper Websites, Jack the Ripper Tour, and has honored me by publishing an article of mine: 
                                        The Life and Crimes of Francis Tumblety


Venture Galleries did a great write-up on The Ripper's Haunts: 
Authors Showcase: The Ripper's Haunts by Michael Hawley


I wrote and article for 
Historic Mysteries
Dr. Francis Tumblety - Amongst the Best Suspects


I published an article called,
Francis Tumblety and 'The Elixir of Life'  in Ripperologist 116, September 2010.  Below is the front cover.


In January 2012, my second article was published in The New Independent Review, Issue 2 (Editor: Don Souden).  The name of the article is,

Charles A. Dunham

The following article was published in The Rochester Democrat and Republican (December 1888), which has an interview with Charles A. Dunham, a New York City lawyer who had numerous experiences with Francis Tumblety during the Civil War. 
December 1888 article in The Rochester Democrat and Republican 

In April 2012, part two of my Dunham article titled,

Tumblety's Anatomical Collection Reconsidered, was published in The New Independent Review, Issue 3

In the Octobler 2012,

Tumblety's Rings was published in Ripperologist 128.

In 2013, I had three more articles published:

Chamber of Horrors (Ripperologist 130, February 2013)

Tumblety the Woman Hater (Whitechapel Society Journal, April 2013)

Francis Tumblety and the Yellow Press (Ripperologist 133, August 2013) 

In 2014:

(8) Tumblety 'Over the Wire' (Ripperologist 139, August 2014)

In 2015:

(9) Anderson's Furtive Mission in North America (Ripperologist 144, June 2015). Below is the cover.


In 2016:

(10) Dr. Francis Tumblety's 2-Year Sojourn in the Capital (Whitechapel Society Journal, April 2016)

Here are additional articles I have researched:

Amongst the Suspects

Scotland Yard's Suspicions of Tumblety

Tumblety & the West End Nightlife

Tumblety and Colonel James Sothern

Tumblety and his Uterus Collection

Tumblety the Aggressive Narcissist



Click here to get updates on the latest research in the Whitechapel mystery and information on my fiction series.

In the fall of 2009, I found Francis Tumblety's gravesite, which is about 80 minutes away from my home.  My brother-in-law, Nick, and I created a video tape: 
Check out my first video on Francis Tumblety's gravesite
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