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Wadokai Aikido


Kin Tora Martial Arts Club, Wadokai Aikido of Buffalo

Welcome to the Wadokai Aikido of Buffalo Home Page. We are located 1827 Niagara St., Buffalo, NY 14207. The dojo phone number is (716) 871-1260. Our email is:  .

My name is Michael Hawley, Dojo Cho, 6th Dan (6th degree black belt) under Roy Y. Suenaka Sensei, Soke, founder of Wadokai, and direct student of the founder of aikido, O'Sensei. Suenaka Sensei received the Certificate of Complete Mastery (Menkyo Keiden) from O'Sensei in 1961. He began his aikido career in 1953 in Hawaii.


Wadokai Aikido

Wadokai Aikido is the international organization of the students of Sensei Roy Suenaka. More a family than an organization, Wadokai Aikido was founded in part to further the growth and spread of Aikido, the way of harmony. The members of Wadokai are a close-knit group, and every Wadokai dojo teaches Suenaka-Ha Tetsugaku-Ho Aikido, or “Suenaka style, philosophical way.” At the heart of this philosophical way is the unification of the martial and spiritual elements of Aikido, training that requires austere study and practice that takes decades, if not one’s entire life. In Suenaka-Ha Aikido, equal emphasis is placed on physical and personal development. Suenaka Sensei, a direct student of Aikido’s founder O’Sensei Morihei Ueshiba, incorporates all of O’Sensei’s teachings into his style of Aikido. Also a student of many other arts and masters, Suenaka Sensei imbues a wealth of knowledge and experience into his own teaching. The result is a martial art that is powerful and effective, yet respectful of all living things. Aikido is a rigorous and dynamic physical practice conducted in a joyful, welcoming atmosphere, without conflict or machismo. A student of Wadokai Aikido can expect to train his body, mind, and spirit in a familial (and often very humid) atmosphere.




              (Michael) Hawley Shihan, Dojo Cho                      (Judy) Grundy Shihan, Asst Dojo Cho
- 6th Dan, 2012                                                  - 6th Dan, 2014
- Received his 1st Dan in 1993      - Started in October 1990
- Received a 1st Dan in Judo in 1998


                            (James) Franklin Shihan, Asst Chief Instructor, 5th Dan

Suenaka Sensei's Assistant Chief Instructors:

(Eric) Joseph Shihan                            (James) Franklin Shihan
- 5th Dan                                            - 5th Dan

- Started in October 1990                    - Started in July 1999, and
- 6th Dan in Judo (shown                      received 1st Dan in 2004 
    with his rokudan belt)

The backbone of our club, our instructors:

(Rick) Proctor Sensei                 (Barbara) Kinsey Sensei         (Cleveland) Wilson Sensei 
 - 3rd Dan, 2013 - 2nd Dan, 2008                    - 2nd Dan
                                                                                           - Received 1st Dan in 2006

(Luis) Rivera Sensei              (Gouv) Cadwalader Sensei            (Goroh) Okazaki Sensei
- Received his 1st Dan         - Received his 1st Dan in 2013      - Received 1st Dan in 2014
   in 2007   

Class times are Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30pm to 7:00pm, and Saturday morning at 9:30am to 11.

Here is our organization's website:


The following is the website for Kin Tora Martial Arts Center:


Here are six short video clips of various aikido techniques:






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