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                         Table of Contents for the podcasts I was interviewed on.

    -Click on the link, then click on the pic to hear the show. Scroll back up to see this list again:
1. Beyond Reality Radio - Latest Book (Jun 20, 2018)
2. Beyond Reality Radio - DNA/Shawl (Mar 27, 2019)
3. House of Mystery NBC News Radio - Michael Hawley New Co-host (Aug 21, 2019)
4. House of Mystery NBC News Radio - Latest Book (Jan 11, 2019)
5. House of Mysteriy NBC News Radio - DNA/Shawl (Apr 19, 2019)
6. Jim Harold Show - Latest Book (Jul 11, 2018)
7. ESPN On Target, Judge Penny Wolfgang (Oct 29, 2017)
1001 Heroes, Legends, Histories & Mysteries 
9. Hellbender Books (Sunbury Press) on my fiction world (Feb 16, 2019)
10. Sunbury Press with host (Van) John VanDevanter Carter (Nov 3, 2018)
11. Rippercast - Roundtable discussion on scholarship in Ripperology (Dec 24, 2018)
12. Rippercast - My latest book (Jun 3, 2018)
13. Rippercast - Roundtable discussion on fiction in Ripperology (Feb 4, 2018)
14. Rippercast - My lecture at the Cro Club (Nov 5, 2017)
15. Rippercast - Huge cache of discoveries on Tumblety (May 15, 2017)
16. Rippercast - My book, The Ripper's Haunts (Oct 9, 2016)
17. Rippercast - RipperCon 2016 Roundtable (May 16, 2016)
18. Rippercast - RipperCon 2016 My Lecture (May 9, 2016)
19. Transatlantic History Ramblings - Part 1 (March 7, 2020)

I am now co-hosting the House of Mystery NBC Radio with Al Warren! The following are Jack the Ripper related authors and researchers that I've had the honor of interviewing:

1. Paul Begg - Author of many books. His latest is: Jack the Ripper A - Z.
2. Adam Wood - Publisher, editor, and author of: Swanson: The Life and Times of A Victorian Detective.
3. Paul Williams - Author of: Jack the Ripper Suspects.
4. Steve Blomer - Author of: Inside Bucks Row, Mary Ann Nichols: An Anatomy of Murder.
5. Mark Vogel - Author of: The Ripper's Time.
6. Gary Bates - Author of: Jack the Ripper and Probable Cause.
7. Neil R. Storey - Historian, Author of many books, namely, The Dracula Secrets.
8. Andrew Firth - Author/Photographer: Ripperland and Pictures of the Abyss.

I was interviewed on Beyond Reality Radio (50 stations across the US and Canada) on June 20, 2018, by Ghost Hunters star Jason Hawes and J.V. Johnson on Jack the Ripper Suspect Dr. Francis Tumblety: Click on the pic. 

On March 27, 2019, I was again interviewed on by Jason and J.V. on Beyond Reality Radio but this time it was about the supposed recent discovery of identifying Jack the Ripper's DNA on a shawl found at the murder site of Ripper victim Catherine Eddowes. This made national news that the identity of Jack the Ripper was finally discovered. Well, this is not true. There are fatal errors in both the genetic testing and the provenance of the shawl.

To listen to the discussion, click Here.

As of August 2019, I am now on the co-hosting team for NBC News Talk Radio (KCAA Los Angeles) House of Mystery with Al Warren! I will be co-hosting shows dealing with Jack the Ripper and related topics.



On Friday, January 11, 2019, I was interviewed by Al Warren on NBC News Talk Radio (KCAA Los Angeles) on my recent discoveries. Available on podcast.

NBC Radio House of Mystery interview on April 19, 2019. Al Warren interviewed me on the supposed Jack the Ripper DNA found on victim Catherine Eddowes' shawl. The claim has fatal flaws:


I was interviewed on a national podcast, Jim Harold, on July 11, 2018, and it is now available.



I was interviewed for a radio episode of On Target, hosted by Judge Penny Wolfgang which was on Halloween weekend 2017. Click on the image to hear the podcast of the episode.



I participated in a podcast interview with 1001 Heroes, Legends, Histories & Mysteries: Jack the Ripper Part III: Dr. T (Podcast # 416)  


On February 16, 2019, I was interviewed by Hellbender Books (Sunbury Press) with hosts Kyle Alexander Romines and Joe Mills We talked about the fiction and the nonfiction world! Click on by book pic!


On November 3, 2018, I was interviewed by Sunbury Press with host (Van) John VanDevanter Carter. 



The following are Rippercast episodes, which is the podcast of the expert community in the Jack the Ripper/Whitechapel mystery. You will quickly pick up upon this as you listen.

1) This episode occurred in December 2018 where a London journalist, Alec Fullerton, interviewed a group of ripperologists (I was honored to be one of them). He quickly realized the high level of scholarship involved in researching the Whitechapel mystery.


2) This episode occurred on June 3, 2018, which is a discussion about my recent book, Jack the Ripper Suspect Dr. Francis Tumblety:


3) I was asked to participate in a roundtable on writing fiction novels on the Whitechapel murders on February 4, 2018. Click on the image.


4) Brian Young and I did a lecture/book signing at the Cro Club in Buffalo, New York, the evening before Halloween 2017. 


5) The following interview has surprising discoveries, such as Tumblety showing a young man (seven years before the murders) his collection of surgical knives and telling him that all street walkers should be disemboweled.


6) I was interviewed on October 9, 2016, by Jonathan Menges about the research and discoveries that I published in The Ripper's Haunts. 


7) This episode records my participation in a suspect panel at Rippercon. My fellow panel members are Martin Fido and Robert Anderson.




8) Jonathan Menges, the moderator on Rippercast has created a podcast of my entire Baltimore lecture (along with the PowerPoint slides).

On March 7, 2020, I was interviewed in part 1 of 3 episodes on Transatlantic History Ramblings run by Brian Young and Lauren Davies. In this episode, we discussed Tumblety from his Irish origins to the Civil War.   





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