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    One unique aspect of Searching for Truth with a Broken Flashlight is HOW it is written.  Instead of being an encyclopedia of evidence and arguments written for the experts, I designed it for everyone.  Notice what Dr. Ted Steegmann, Professor (emeritus) of Anthropology at the University of Bufflalo, states in his book review,

"...His years of interesting geological analysis, knowledge of creationist pronouncements and teaching experience are embedded in the book's intellectual structure, and how in Hawley's clear, honest and charming style.  I believe he wrote for his fellow teachers.  But anyone will benefit from his insights."

It is a compact and entertaining book perfect as a reference source for science teachers not only to understand the evolution/creation controversy, but also to understand how many of their Christian students (and parents) think and believe. 

    In view of this, I have created a series of science lessons dealing with all aspects of science involving the controversy (the list of lessons will continue to grow, so keep on checking the site).  They are free, so just click on the link and you can even modify the lessons to your needs.  

Introduction Unit Lessons:

Scientific Misconceptions Quiz

Time Traveling and the Man Tracks

Astronomy Lessons:

Age of the Universe

The HR Diagram

The Big Picture

Biology Lessons:

Ark Animals in the Gene Pool

Paleontology Lessons:

Flight in Birds

Hearing in Mammals


Geology Lessons:

The Nile Canyon

White Cliffs

Hawaii Hotspot

Niagara & St Davids Gorges

River Deposits

The Assyria Paradox and Sedimentary Rocks


Links for Additional Lesson Plans:

Marc Sheehan's Lesson Plans - In addition to lesson plans, Marc has an educational resource page and a special education/exceptionality page. 

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